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Order to cash

for B2Bs

Slope’s Order to Cash (O2C) software optimizes the process from receiving an order through processing it, getting paid, and reconciling the cash.

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Improve costs

Boost efficiency and your bottom line by eliminating tedious manual tasks.

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Reduce DSOs

Get cash in the door and reduce errors by automating the invoicing and collections process.

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Minimize risk

Offer the terms and get instantly paid — all without risk to your business.

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Why Slope

Slope streamlines and automates your O2C process, every step of the way – from the moment a customer places the order to when their payment is received and applied to accounts receivable.

  • Customizable workflows

Create custom workflows with a simple drag and drop no-code experience to structure processes.

  • Automation of manual tasks

Automate invoicing, credit monitoring, collections, cash application, and more – say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and free up valuable resources.

  • Order status transparency

We provide real-time insights into order statuses, approval flows, and metrics for easier monitoring and communication.

  • Simplified credit risk management

Empower your credit team with actionable data and easy to use interface, to make better decisions.

  • State of the art developer tools

It only takes a few days to integrate our Slope APIs into any B2B platform.