Solutions for AP Automation Platforms

financing with
no added risk

Embed Slope into your platform to begin offering
short-term financing to attract customers, drive volume, and enhance their experience today.

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Provide flexibility

Offer additional payment options – net terms, installments, or a custom cadence – to fit your users’ needs.

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Increase buyer loyalty

Attract, retain, and engage users, and incentivize exclusivity, by providing easy access to credit.

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Minimize risk

Offer the terms and get instantly paid — all without risk to your business.

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Why Slope

Slope is the most streamlined way to offer short-term financing on your platform. You get instantly paid out while we handle the risk, underwriting, and collections, so you can focus on growth.

  • Fully embedded customer experience

Our approval and checkout flow is fully embedded so customers never have to leave your platform.

  • Lightning-fast decision engine

We offer credit in under 4 minutes, so your customers can start using financing instantly.

  • State of the art developer tools

It only takes a few days to integrate our Slope APIs into any B2B platform.