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Our roots. Why we started Slope

Lawrence, our founder, started Slope because he saw first-hand how small, mom-and-pop stores were being limited by their working capital. Lawrence’s parents spent three decades in the wholesale business, importing products and selling them to small businesses across Brazil.

The problem was that these folks didn’t have the cash to purchase the inventory they needed to stay afloat — especially during quieter periods. While business loans were an option, these are famously difficult to navigate and obtain, often coming with high interest rates. It was on this premise that Slope was founded. Lawrence and cofounder Alice wanted to help all businesses — regardless of shape or size — afford the resources needed to thrive.

Our values

What keeps us grounded

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Drive conversion, AOV, and repeat purchase rate by unlocking cash flow for your buyers.

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We embrace autonomy and encourage ownership, so you can focus on personal growth.

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People first

We place empathy for our customers, partners, and fellow team members above all else.

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